Ramadan Mubarak! Qamar al Deen in Two Steps

As it is one week into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, we have chosen to mark the occasion by whipping up a drink using the apricot paste we bought at the M2M Mediterranean Market in Richmond. The apricot paste is made of apricots (surprise!), sugar, and olive oil, and is super thick: when I tried to cut it into strips, neither a knife nor scissors would work. Just commit to using the whole sheet, and share the drink with your friends!

look at all the little flags!

Qamar al Deen in Two Steps

Step 1: Soak sheet of apricot paste overnight.

Step 2: Blend with water, sugar, and rosewater to taste.

So there. I made mine only slightly sweet, which seemed right to me. However, having never tasted the drink, I was unsure how sweet it should be. Solution: I brought a jar to my resident Lebanese friend and cultural guide, who declared the drink “perfect.” Success!

I have seen recipes for the drink where pine nuts are soaked and added, which seems to be quite common. I didn’t have any on hand unfortunately, but the drink was refreshing nonetheless. Be prepared for it to be slightly thick, almost like a “Naked” fruit juice (if you have ever tried that brand.) I was also tempted to add vodka to it, although that would not be very Ramadan-y. Use your best judgment, try the drink, share with friends, and support your local small businesses, especially if you are lucky enough to have a great Mediterranean place nearby! Ramadan Kareem!ready to share

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One thought on “Ramadan Mubarak! Qamar al Deen in Two Steps

  1. very tasty. thank you.

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