Preserved Lemons

Simple Preserved Lemons:

lemons, many

kosher salt, 1 cup +

various whole spices, optional

sterilised jar, 1

time, 1 month minimum

Yes, this is how easy making preserved lemons is. Easy and completely worth the space first on your counter (during the fermentation process) and then in your fridge (where an opened jar will last up to one year.) To use these intensely flavored, sunshine-y delights, simply remove a lemon from the jar, scrape off the pulp and rinse away the salt, and slice or dice as desired. Use these beauties to brighten up stews, tagines, grain dishes, and salads….a little goes a long way.


Fermented foods, a cornerstone of tradition and found in various forms in every food culture worldwide, have only been shunned in recent years, mainly in the post-WWII West. Luckily for us, fermentation is coming back in a big way, and its importance is not simply limited to taste.The excellent blog Cheeseslave has written a very informative post about the benefits of consuming fermented foods, and we couldn’t agree with her more:

Fermented Foods: Top 8 Reasons to Eat Them.

We hope you click the link, and happy fermenting!

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