Fresh To Death- Thai Green Curry

This week we broke from the Balti mission, and decided to make a Thai Green curry. This, of course, required a trip to the Tan-A market, which resulted in the acquirement not only of some highly unidentifiable greens (update: delicious) but also a bag of impulse-buy dragonfruit. The important part, however, is that we discovered, via the almighty internet, an amazing recipe for Thai Green curry, courtesy of the website Tes At Home.

Here is Tes’s recipe for the curry paste:

You will find the rest of the recipe by visiting her site, but basically it requires heating the paste with some oil and then adding both coconut cream and milk, a dash of fish sauce, and a pinch of sugar. Being tired of poultry after all of that chicken Balti, we changed the game and added fresh shrimp after the curry sauce was nice and hot. Finally, the addition of some of the mystery greens gave us a super fresh, light dinner, as seen below.

So good! Thanks to Tes!

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